Cumulus Medical
Cumulus Medical's team of advertising and marketing professionals will work to stretch your practice's advertising and marketing budget in order to save you money while advertising and marketing your practice effectively.

Every healthcare practitioner – physician, dentist, physical therapist, vision specialist or audiologist – graduates with dreams and expectations about the kind of practice they want to create. They may have specific preferences for the size of their ideal practice or the type of patients they most want to help.

In almost every case, they have the seeds of a medical brand identity in mind. Ultimately, your medical brand identity is about more than just your logo or the signage outside your office. It’s the essence of who you are as a practitioner and what your practice is all about. It’s the consistent use of colors, images, text and messaging – as well as the mission and philosophy behind it – that defines your brand identity and your practice. It’s what separates you from others in your marketplace.

Cumulus Medical has created brand identities for some 15,000 healthcare practices in cities and towns throughout North America and overseas. We can help you build your practice’s brand identity in the way that will most benefit you. More importantly, we can help you use your brand to achieve healthcare practice success… as you define it.

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